Jeremiah Fowler Woodworth and Annie Bathsheba (Cook) Woodworth

My Nova Scotia Ancestors’ Going Away” Story by Nancy Hursh Bagley, Seattle, Washington, USA My grandparents, Jeremiah Fowler Woodworth (1852-1933) and Annie Bathsheba Cook (1856-1924), were married at Cook’s Brook, Nova Scotia, in 1879. Their first child, William Norman, was born there in 1880. My grandfather is descended from Thomas Woodworth, who was born in … Read more

Elizabeth (Johnston) Copeland (née O’Brien)

Elizabeth (Johnston) Copeland (née O’Brien) (1835-1876) Missionary to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu)   by Donald L. Forbes      Elizabeth O’Brien, born 4 Aug 1835 in Noel, was the daughter of William O’Brien[1] and Margaret Davison. Her eldest sibling, Osmond (1828-1906), went on to found the O’Brien shipping business, which built four brigantines, 11 barques, … Read more

Dr. Annie Hennigar

Dr. Annie Hennigar – “horse and buggy” doctor by Kate Kirkpatrick      East Hants has many older homes, many of which contain hidden evidence of days gone by. An ideal time to search for clues to our past is during home renovations. Recently, while renovating his home on the Noel Shore, Gary Graves uncovered … Read more