Virtual Library

The East Hants Historical Society Virtual Library holds video and other virtual artifacts relating to the history and heritage of East Hants. It focuses on the exhibits found in the Lower Selma Museum & Heritage Cemetery, including new exhibits and interesting artifacts with stories behind them, such as wars, disasters, or technological developments that have had an impact on East Hants society. Another focus is on the live program presentations hosted by the Society within the East Hants community for members and guests. We hope that this addition to our website will bring East Hants history to a larger audience, especially an audience whose ancestral roots are here in East Hants. We also expect to provide an educational resource to the public and to local schools.

History of the Lower Selma Museum & Heritage

History of the Lower Selma Museum and Heritage Cemetery located in Lower Selma, Nova Scotia, Canada.

2020 Museum Opening

Captain Robert Redden of the 2nd Battalion, 84th Regiment of Foot with Mrs. Redden opening our 2020 museum season.

84th Regiment of Foot Series

The Highland Uniform

American Revolution


They Weren't All Highlanders

The Emigrant Ship "Glasgow"

Colonel John Small

Disbandment & Settlement

Program Vignettes

The Little Peddler

Early Settlers and the Religions They Brought into East Hants

The Skirted Doctors of East Hants

Les Acadiens The First Dike Builders of East Hants

Corporal Gordon S. Hines

Whiddens in War Time

Leightons of Hants County and the World Wars

The War Years: Phyllis Hamilton and the RCAF (WD)

Spin Me A Yarn

Miller Military History

The Loyalist Pioneers of Rawdon Township

Making Sense of Canada's Census

Museum Exhibits

The Little Organ "Jenny"

Captain Levi Densmore

Gaelic Speakers of East Hants

Helen Whidden Genealogist

Dr. Annie Hennigar

Embalming Table Titanic

East Hants Veterans World War One

Part One A-L

Part Two M-Y

East Hants Veterans World War Two

Part One A-D

Part Two E-K

Part Three L-P

Part Four R-Z