Elmsdale Railroad Yard 1910 Elmsdale Railroad Yard 1910

Local History Papers

Some of the following papers are presentations to EHHS; others are excerpts from out-of-print works, or articles the Society has permission to publish here. 

Early Schools in East Hants A paper presented by Ross Graves to the Historical Society in 1968

A History of the MicMac Indians in Hants County A paper presented to the Historical Society in 1968

Early Settlement of Rawdon  A paper presented to the EHHS in 1968

Wilkie Borden – WW1 Desertion and Re-enlistment

Dr. Annie Hennigar-“horse and buggy” doctor

Bibliography of Acadian History Resources 

Days of the Fathers in East Hants, by Rev. T. Chalmers Jack, in Centennial Celebration of the Ordination and Induction of the Late Rev. Alexander Dick, Presbyterian Minister, Maitland, Hants County, Nova Scotia, 1903

The following collection, Golden Years in Acadie, was written by Christina Ross Frame, who was the daughter of Archibald Frame, Esq., and Emma (Smith) Frame, born 1860. 

Golden Years in Acadie, Chapter 1,“And the wintered keels go down to the calling of the sea.” Bliss Carmen

Golden Years in Acadie, Chapter 2, “Shipyard lures, Malachi Salter, Colonel Small, 84th Regt. Selma Hall, Colonel William Smith and sons. Unusual church happenings.”

Golden Years in Acadie, Chapter 3, “Fires, Joe Howe Election 1867; Fenian Fears; Target field activities; Tide changes and tragedies.”