Interior of the Lower Selma Museum.
Interior of the Lower Selma Museum.

Lower Selma Museum Exhibits

Museum exhibits convey the life and times of East Hants’ past. They focus primarily on early settlement history and enterprise, with emphasis on the labour and the lifestyle of the 18th and 19th century. People or events of note may be featured, their stories and accomplishments told with display boards or flipbooks. Occasionally, the museum may mount guest exhibits, such as collections with historical interest.

New Exhibits since 2020

  • The 84th Regiment of Foot and the Settlement of Douglas Township after the American Revolution
  • The Gaels of East Hants
  • Les Acadiens: The First Dike Builders of East Hants
  • Corporal Gordon Hines: Royal Canadian Regiment
  • History of Sipekne'katik: Pre-contact History
  • War Medals of Hollis McKeil
  • Communications: The Clarksville Telephone Switchboard

Featured Exhibits

The little pump organ known to her owner Kate McArthur, wife of the Captain of the ill-fated ship Milton, as "Jenny."

Nearly left behind aboard the burning ship, Jenny was rescued and provided much needed lifting of spirits for those in the lifeboats, and, quite possibly led to their rescue after 46 days adrift in lifeboats.

The cooling, or embalming table, used in the treatment of John Jacob Astor, drowning victim from the Titanic.

Permanent Displays

The museum features permanent exhibits that may be tweaked every season with new accessions. These exhibits reflect long-standing aspects of East Hants history, heritage, and culture, including its significant contribution to military history, work, such as in agriculture, forestry, and marine enterprise, the household arts and needlecraft.

  • Shipbuilding models and artifacts.
  • Farming and forestry tools.
  • Mi'kmaw creations and artifacts.
  • Military


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