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We Tell the Stories of East Hants

The East Hants Historical Society, established in 1967, is a volunteer, non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and preservation of history within East Hants, NS, Canada.

They Went Away...

We're looking for stories of your ancestors who migrated away from East Hants in the early 1900s. You can learn more here.


What's new?

Our neighbours next door in the West Hants Historical Society are working to make their voices heard regarding the intentions of the West Hants Regional Council to sell the land around the historic national park, Fort Edward, for residential construction. Fort Edward's history is our history too, as many of our ancestors marched on the parade grounds of Fort Edward during the American Revolutionary War and were disbanded there at the end of the war.

Read the Fort Edward letter from Shirley Pineo, President WHHS, to learn the importance of keeping Fort Edward's surrounding land public property. Then, choose an option to express your concerns about the issue. Here is the Fort Edward Postcard



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