View of the Lower Selma Museum from the balcony
View of the Lower Selma Museum from the balcony, showing the beauty of its painted walls.

The Lower Selma Museum

Located at 6971 Highway 215, Lower Selma, the Lower Selma Museum is found in the former Lower Selma United Church.

This church, which is now a designated Municipal Heritage Property, was built in 1865 as the Lower Selma Presbyterian Church.

The building contract went to William Wiswell of Halifax, who was assisted by James Corston of Halifax and Gilmore McLellan of Noel Shore.

This Church was built to serve two groups known as the First and Second Congregations of Noel and Maitland. It was used by each on alternate Sundays until the charge was split and Lower Selma became part of the Noel charge.

In 1925, the Church amalgamated and became part of the United Church of Canada. In 1967, at the age of 102, the Church closed its doors and remained vacant until 1981 when the dream of the East Hants Historical Society became a reality and the museum opened.

Originally, the church had white plaster walls. In 1881, Lewis Baillie of Newport, Nova Scotia, was hired. He painted the walls and ceiling creating a trompe l’oeil effect on the walls. Using feathers and a tempera-based paint, he gave the walls a faux-marbleizing effect, which has both intrigued and fascinated onlookers for years and today provides a wonderful backdrop for our exhibits.

Ceiling of the Lower Selma Museum that is hand painted
Ceiling of the Lower Selma Museum that is hand painted.

Hours of Operation

June to end of September, every day, 10 – 5 pm.


6971 Highway 215, Lower Selma, NS, Canada.
Latitude: 45.3134 Longitude: -63.6055

From Highway 101

  • Take Exit 5 at Windsor.
  • Then follow Hwy 14 to Hwy 215 then on to Lr. Selma.

From Highway 102:

  • Take Exit 9, 10, 12 or 14.
  • Follow signs to Maitland.
  • Once in Maitland, continue on Hwy 215 until you reach Lr. Selma (about 8 kms. past Maitland).